Why Computer Crews?



What’s The Difference?
What is the difference between Computer Crews and every other IT company out there?  Answer:  We care!  We take the time to not only get to know your network and systems, but we take the time to get to know you!  No one likes talking to technician who doesn’t care or getting stuck talking to a machine. We tell you the reality of the situation and not sugarcoat it.  When we make a mistake we will do what we can to fix it.  Our goal is to bring you solutions, not excuses. Computer Crews spends the extra time to help eliminate petty IT issues so you can focus on what truly matters, your business and growth!

Unlimited Helpdesk
Many companies offer Unlimited Helpdesk or a similar type of service, yet still can’t quite match up.  Computer Crews offers a set of services customized to create a “Complete outsourced IT department”.  This service incorporates everything from IT helpdesk services, to employee training, consulting and cloud services, all into one fixed monthly bill. 

Additional Services
Additional services can be added to your Unlimited Helpdesk plan including: application hosting, computer use monitoring, website (design, maintenance & hosting), email (hosting, spam filtering, archiving & encryption), Virtual private network setup, and credit card processing. Many companies charge an arm and a leg for these types of services vs Computer Crews who can add these services to your existing Unlimited Plan for a fraction of the cost.

IT Support & Services
Almost every company out there claims to have “24x7” support. The big question: “Is that really the true?  Specifically, if you call their support line at 4am is there going to be a technician there to help?  I would highly recommend testing it out and see if you do in fact get your issue solved without a big delay.  Computer Crews doesn’t make this claim, but we are there to fix your issues as fast as possible.  We take many proactive measures to ensure the protection and reliability of your system so that it doesn’t go down.  Even when disaster strikes, we are still there to help.

Response Time
Computer Crews has an incredibly fast response time and a technician can usually get to work within 10-20 minutes.   Many other companies won’t respond for hours, even days. We setup notifications and monitor your network; often times we know when you’re down even before you do.  In the past we have helped many of our clients outside the normal business hours and have yet to send a bill (even though it’s not included Unlimited plan).