Website Maintenance



Need to make changes?

Whether you need to fix broken links, miss spelled words, or add content on a regular basis we can help. We provide solutions to help fit your needs. Depending on the type of website your using (Wordpress, Joomla, HTML, etc.) we will work with you until you're happy.


We can set you up to make changes on your own, or customize a monthly unlimited plan where we make the changes for you, if you prefer. Computer Crews is the 1-stop-shop for all your website needs. We can host your domain, website, email, database, etc. that way you're not searching all over God's green earth to find your information and make changes. We'll do our best to make your life easier.



Need to repair your site?


Often times you'll hire a web developer to build a site, and he or she will leave it unfinished. Or maybe they complete it and it's not quite what you originially intended it to be. We can come in and clean-up any unfinished business, or build you a brand new site completely.


Web developers are strange creates (aka "their own breed") so we want to help make it simpliar. Call us at (303) 402-1668 for a free quote.