Virus & Spyware Removal



Computer Cleanup & Threat Removal


Infections come from many different places (spam, email attachments, websites, pirated music and videos, downloading software from "unknown" sources and more. Computer can help you remove spyware, malware, adware and viruses that cause you headaches and distress. We offer a 1-time flat fee for spyware removal and computer cleanup.



How It Works


Submit Your Issue
Call or email us your issue. Provide details as the problem and spyware details. We enter a ticket into our system and will have a technician call you back.
Fix & Repair
Many spyware issues can be fixed remotely. However, some infections disable an internet connection thus the computer needs to be sent to us. Once we have access we remove all inspects and run a full cleanup on your machine.
Follow-up & Completion
We check over your system and verify that all threats have been removed and your computer is running fast. We will call you when your computer is ready for use and answer any questions you might have.


How To Avoid Infections


There are many ways to help prevent getting spyware & viruses. Check the source of emails and attachments, avoid suspicious websites, don't click on web advertisements, don't download pirated movies, music, software or games, stick to trusted websites, use caution when clicking on links to websites, protect yourself from social engineering attaches, install only trusted software and of course use an anti-virus program.