Unlimited Helpdesk


What is Unlimited Helpdesk?

Unlimited Helpdesk is a set of services customized to create a "Complete outsourced IT department" for our clients. Unlimited Helpdesk incorporates everything from helpdesk services, to employee training, consulting and cloud services, all wrapped into one fixed monthly bill.



Benefits of Unlimited Helpdesk

Reduced problems - It is in the best interest of the client and Computer Crews to prevent problems and we will work to prevent any issues we can. When problems do occur we are still there to help.
Reliable support - You have a team of technicians, engineers and account managers to make sure you are taken care of at all times, when someone gets sick or goes on vacation you aren't waiting on them to get back to solve your problem.
Predictable bill - Your bill will be the same every month, unless you add or remove computer systems.
Long term focus - Computer Crews will often "outlast" the rest of a client's staff. We become part of your crew and hope you will keep us as part of your company for the next 10 years and beyond.


Primary Services

Helpdesk - Remote support for fast response to problems and onsite support when needed is always included in your monthly bill. (Helpdesk services consist of vendor management, computer repair, server and workstation maintenance, proactive maintenance, consulting, employee training, network monitoring and project management).


Hosting Services (Cloud) - Cloud is just a marketing word, but when most people talk about it they mean taking computer functions out of your office and putting them in a data center. Some services should be moved to the cloud and some should not; we will help you decide which ones you should move, and roll the charge into your monthly bill.


Disaster Recovery - If a disaster ever does occur we have the tools and expertise to have you up and running faster. Onsite backups, offsite backups, and disaster recovery devices are some of the ways we will protect your company.



Additional Services

These additional services are to flush out any other needs you may have. Already have some of these? No problem we can manage them for you and will only move you to our services if it is beneficial to your company.



* Are services that people are talking about when they talk about Cloud