Network Monitoring



Network Monitoring Services


Computer Crews offers full featured network monitoring services including: bandwidth, servers, workstations, applications, devices, printers, email and more. We keep track of everything on your network from currently installed software, to low printer toner levels, and offline machines.


We setup custom alerts and notifications so we know there is an issue, many times even before you do. We pull executive reports to ensure that your network is up and running efficiently. We can even monitor and manage your email determining health, usage and mailbox size.



Proactive Network Solutions


We provide solutions and recomendations for optimizing your network and systems. Including new hardware, improved technology, better internet providers, top vendors, Hardware-as-as-Server and rental equipment, Software-as-a-Service, employee training and more!



How It Works


Getting Access
We access your servers and workstations and installed our monitoring software. Our technicians go onsite, install the monitoring software, and can finish the setup remotely.
Setup, Installation & Configuration
Once our monitoring software is installed, we configure your devices, setup customer alerts and reports, check inventory, test performance and analyze your network.
Solutions, Recommendations & Reporting
We pull executive reports to determine your network's pros, cons, upgrades and best practices. We monitor your network and verify is stays up and running for optimal performance.