Moving Your Business



Are You Moving Your Business?

There are many factors that come into play when you plan on moving your business. Where do I plan to move? How do I get someone to help setup computers and networking equipment? Who do I contact for wiring? How to I find the best internet option for my new location? The list goes on and on, and we can help make this process easier. Call us at (303) 402-1668



Need Help Finding A Location?

First off, you want to start planning at least 4-12 months before the move-in day. You want to identify all the key components: get a blueprint of your current business and use it to compare to the new business space, get quotes early, negotiate these when you are signing your new lease, etc.


Internet & Equipment Setup

Telecome and IT checklist includes: 1) Internet service, 2) Telephone service, 3) Server rooms, 4) Telephony room, 5) Computer Moves, 6) Other IT equipment, 7) Call Computer Crews (303) 402-1668


Cables & Wiring

IT cabling for small to medium sized businesses. Whether you need a single drop or need an entire floor built out, our vendors have the ability to help you accomplish your objectives.


& Equipment Setup

Our relationships with multiple carriers and service providers allow us to develop unique solutions to meet your business needs, without the constraints of working within one particular carrier's offering. We are not a reseller; your contract is with the carrier you select and you maintain the same level of customer support from the carriers as if you ordered the service from them directly. For more information please contact Computer Crews at (303) 402-1668


Need Security Cameras? We Do That To

Computer Crews can help find you solutions that fit your security needs. We can help with installation, service and design. Using the latest technology allows you to protect your investment and ensure you hardware will last for years to come. For more information please contact Computer Crews at (303) 402-1668


Business Moving Checklist

1) Choose a project manager

2) Identify current problems so you can avoid them when moved into the new space

3) Choose your move day

4) Obtain quotes from contractors

5) Figure out your budget

6) Identify current network and equipment layout

7) Create a list of tasks

8) Define communication frequency

9) Contact utility companies ahead of time

10) Obtain any permits required.