IT Solutions

Technology, Solutions, & Results!

Information and technical knowledge are essential in our rapidly changing economy. Having a company that stays on top new technologies and IT solutions is key. Computer Crews offers a vast array of IT solutions to help your small business boost profits and productivity.

Hosting Solutions

Application Hosting - Access your applications in a secure, safe, and reliable environment. Email Hosting - Create a unique email address based on your domain. Website Hosting - Extensive language support and up to 10GB of space.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backups - Data loss can happen and you want to be prepared when disaster strikes. We offer backups solutions that are automatic, secure and allow you to recover files at any time. Disaster Recovery - Our DRD device takes full image backups of your server, and when hardware failure occurs we can virutual your system and get you back up and running as fast a possible.

Cloud Solutions & Hosted Exchange

Cloud Solutions (aka Hosted Exchange) - Access your documents, email, address books, spreadsheets, calendar, presentations, etc. from anywhere.

Credit Card Processing

Want to be able to take credit cards from your customers and clients? We can help set you up with a merchant account to take credit cards just like we do.

Web Design, Consulting & Optimization

Computer Crews offers a variety of web design related solutions including: hosting, new website building, changes to existing sites, website consulting, search engine optimization and online marketing tips.