Frequently Asked Questions


How secure is Computer Crews? What about my data?

Backups taken by Computer Crews are encrypted. The data can only be accessed from your computer or through a restore process that is initiated by Computer Crews. We do not store any password for your financials, and prefer you to not give anyone access to your financials. Computer Crews will identify any security risks you may have in an effort to fix them. Our remote software can be disabled by the end user for times when they are working on sensitive data. We care about your data and security and work with you to ensure you are protected.




What is Hosted Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a robust, industry leading email server developed by Microsoft. It incorporates ActiveSync, which was developed by Microsoft, to deliver email to a portable device in near real time. Exchange provides the best email experience without question. Hosted Exchange takes your Exchange Server out of your local network, and puts it at a datacenter. The end client simply pays per account, and everything else is managed by Computer Crews. No need to worry about backups, email down time, or hardware problems related to your email server.




What does it mean to have something hosted?

Hosting a server generally means that we are going to provide the hardware, internet, and power for a system at a Datacenter. We can either manage the device for you, or simply give you the space needed to run your own systems. Hosting will generally refer to an amount of RAM, number of CPU's, and an amount of space (in GB) to be used as a hard drive. Thus, for a hosted server, you would specify how much RAM you need, how many GB of storage you need, and how many CPU's are required to run your system. A "Cloud" is also hosted, but sold as a service for the end user application. For example, you can purchase space on a "Cloud" for document management. You would have access to the system and a set amount of space to store you documents. If you wanted to host your own document management system then you can purchase the required RAM, CPU's, and hard drive space to run an OS that will run the document management system. Thus, "hosted" solutions are mostly used end users requiring complete control of their environment.




What happens if I need service after 5PM?

Computer Crews is setup to respond to true emergencies. After 5PM our main number becomes and answering machine. If you call and leave a message a technician is on call to look at your problem. Please leave call back number and we will call you back promptly to address your issue.




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