Frequently Asked Questions


How do you work on my computer or access my computer?

We use remote support tools to establish a connection to your machine to perform the work requested. Most of the time we can work remotely to fix your problem and the end client only needs to contact Computer Crews to submit the problem. Once submitted, you can establish a time to have us connect remotely and fix your problem.




What is a DRD (Disaster Recovery Device)?

This is a product developed at Computer Crews to quickly get your business back up and running when disaster strikes. This device is used to take backups on-site and can even be used to start up an image of your server so you may continue working. With this device, you can be back up and running in hours, rather than days.




Can Computer Crews help with internet?

Absolutely! We work with other agents to ensure you are getting the best internet connection available at the best possible rates. If you're looking for new internet or need to renew soon, please contact us so we can save you $$.




What is Vendor Management?

Computer Crews believes that supporting your IT needs doesn't end with just your company and office. If you have separate vendors for printers, internet, and phones, our Vendor Management will save you time and frustration. We will call on your behalf, to ensure you're getting what you need or want. We are happy to speak geek to ensure a smooth transaction with the vendor. You can forget about the frustrations of not understanding the vendor because Computer Crews will translate for you!




Do I need to be present to get service?

Computer Crews commonly performs work on your schedule. If you have a problem, and need immediate assistance, then we are available to address your needs. Most of the time, clients request the work to be done when they are not in front of their computers. This allows you to continue with your normal schedule while Computer Crews fixes the problem. Most of the time, you can return to a fixed computer!



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