Frequently Asked Questions


How can I request help or service?

You can get service by calling or emailing with your problems and questions. We respond to both in a timely manner between 9AM and 5PM. To expedite service, be sure to include any error messages or codes that you may have received. Screenshots are very helpful and greatly appreciated.




What is "The Cloud" or what is a "Cloud"?

This is a general term used to describe any system that can be accessed via the internet. Typically, hardware is not sold to the end user, and the end user is simply paying for access to the service. In a "Cloud" environment, you typically don't even know what hardware is being used to run the service you are using.




What is Unlimited Helpdesk?

This is a product created by Computer Crews to give your company the best possible service at an affordable price. We provide support for you IT Systems, and you are not billed hourly. You pay a flat fee each month, which includes all of your helpdesk support, backups, maintenance, etc. Unlimited helpdesk is a great product for companies on an IT budget. No more surprise bills!



Do you support cell phones?

We support the interactions between phones and any service you are using. You will still need to contact your carrier for support with the phone and cellular network, but Computer Crews will provide the support for connecting your phone to your mail server, syncing with your computer, etc.




Do you support the Mac OS X operating system or Linux?

We currently have limited support for Linux and OS X. At this time we do not support clients using Linux on their desktops or OS X. If you have a majority of computers running Windows, and only one or two Mac OS X machines, please contact us to discuss your needs.



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