Email Spam Filtering



Spam Filtering Solutions


Computer Crews offers Email Spam Filtering solutions to help protect you against junk email ("spam"), viruses, worms, malicous content, attachments and other harmful email threats.


These solutions help reduce attacks, while providing up-to-the-minute protection from the latest email threats through the use of sophisticated filtering technology and proactive around-the-clock monitoring.


Filtering services can be implemented immediately and require no integration, migration or upfront costs.



Email Filtering Options


Computer Crews "Email Threat Management Service" includes: MX Content Guard, MX Spam Guard, MX Virus Guard, and MX Attack Guard. These services give you complete control over email, while adding an additional layer of email security and threat management.


As the first line of defense in the corporate email security strategy, Computer Crews "Email Threat Management Services" enable you to successfully identify, quarantine, block or strip suspecious emails at the perimeter before they enter the network.


The service is policy-based, giving you the ability to customize threat filters to suit the unique requirements of the company. The service includes access to MX Logic's - MX Control Console, a policy-based administration and real-time reporting portal, as well as 24x7x365 engineering support.



Email Defense Benefits


Advanced Spam Blocking
Virus & Worm Scanning
Content & Attachment Filtering
Fraud Protection
Email Attack Protection
Outbound Message Filtering
Sophisticated Quarantine Management
Around-the-clock Monitoring & Protection
Message Continuity