Email Encryption


Email Encryption Solutions


Computer Crews offers Email Encryption solutions which safeguard your confidential data and enables you to maintain compliance with regulations requiring encryption of sensitive data.


A cloud-based solution, Computer Crews Email Encryption delivers unparalleled scalability, eliminates the burden of managing a solution, and empowers your mobile workforce to send and receive encrypted emails ubiquitously from any email client.


And, with advanced pre-built data loss prevention (DLP) rules and advanced content scanning, establishing and enforcing policies are easier than ever before.


Avoid Severe Consequences


The consequences of innocently forwarding confidential information can be severe-from significant fines to substantial business losses.


You can avoid these consequences by implementing the document registration features of Computer Crews SaaS Email Encryption to fingerprint and monitor the movement of critical files without any upfront investment in additional hardware or software to:


Scale to meet the needs of your business / Keep your workforce agile; send and receive encrypted messages ubiquitously from any email client, including mobile devices.