Email Archiving


Email Archiving Solutions


Computer Crews offers Email Archiving solutions to reduce email storage and management costs, satisfying e-discovery and compliance needs, and protecting your business and employees. By adopting a software-as-as-service (SaaS model, you virtually eliminate management burdens while ensuring safe, simple, cost-effective retention of inbound, outbound, internal, and even historical email.


Anytime you need to find a particular message - or even thousands of messages - the precise information you're looking for can be at your fingertips in just seconds.


Complete Protection


Complete protection for your business reputation, your data, and your employees. Our Email Archiving is offered as a standalone service or bunlded as part of the Email Security & Archiving Suite, which includes inbound email filtering and email continuity. When you choose the suite, you gain complete confidence that your massive email volumes will be safely stored and easity searchable, at any time.


Use our Security-as-a-Service solutions to:


More effectively manage email retention without adding more resources / Minimize business risk, satisfy compliance needs, and reduce legal liabilities/litigation / Incorporate business continuity with complete email backup protection / Increase email security by preventing message tampering.