Disaster Recovery


Backups & DRD Plan


Computer Crews provices fast and reliable Disaster Recovery options to get your business back up and running as fast a possible. You never know when a disaster may strike and you want to be prepared. We want to help you maximize business continuity and minimize your recovery time.


Our DRD (Disaster-Recovery-Device) uses disk imaging and bare metal restore technologies that manage all backups and disaster recovery activities in Windows based environments.


No matter the size of your business, we can help automate the backup process for your local server and workstations accross physical, virtual and clould environments. Our recovery software & hardware allow you to get your business running like normal after a disaster stikes.


The DRD restores servers and workstations to the same, different hardware, or to virtual machines, providing highly flexible disaster recovery and migration options.






Setup & Install
We configure the DRD and ship it to your location. The device is plugged into the network and setup is finished remotely.
Schedule & Backup
Data image files are scheduled to be backed up and run several times a day.
Down Time & Recovery
We test your system by finding down and recovery time. Your DRD plan is in place and you are ready if disaster strikes.