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New Employee vs Outsourced IT Department
Would it be more beneficial to hire a new employee, or an outsourced IT company? There are several items to consider when making a decision like this.


A new employee will cost you between $40,000-$80,000 a year vs an outsourced IT department only costing you about a third of that.
If you hire a new employee or onsite IT guy you are limited to just 1 person vs an entire crew of technicians, system engineers and account managers who can resolve your issues.
An outsourced IT department does not take sick or vacation days, and is available to provide service all hours of the day.

Better Service Than Your Local IT Guy
How can an outsourced IT department provide better service than your local onsite IT guy?

An outsourced IT deparment can remotely connect to devices in seconds vs an IT guy who often times has to drive onsite, and can only connect to 1 machine at a time.
An outsourced IT department provides longer hours of service, which help get you back up and running in case disaster strikes, especially during non-business hours.
An outsourced IT department has the resources, tools and capability to promote growth in your buiness vs an IT guy who simply fixes problems as they occur.

Easy Billing. No Hassle. No Confusion.
What are the financial and billing benefits of going with an Unlimited Service Plan?

The setup of your server, network, printers and devices is included in your first months bill and there is no additional charge for setup.
Your receive unparalleled "unlimited" IT support for one easy fixed monthy bill.
Your bill only changes if your environment changes. (i.e. - Adding servers, workstations, printers, and devices to your existing agreement).
Even though after hours service is not included in your monthly agreement, we have never sent a bill for work done during non-business hours.

Proactive vs Reactive
Have you ever experienced downtime, internet connectivity issues or lost important data due to a natural disaster?

We take a proactive approach to help manage your systems, so you experience the least amount of downtime. This is done through monitoring your devices, implementing a disaster recovery plan and educating your employees.
We want to eliminate petty fixes and repairs, and focus on what can really help make your business grow.
When hardware does fail and issues arise (which will inevitably happen), we will be there to rescue your system and get you back up and running as fast as possible.