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HaaS (Hardware-As-A-Service)


For many companies, affording and maintaining computer hardware "in-house" is a real challenge. Having to constantly upgrade software and hardware becomes a job within itself. At Computer Crews we have a better solution for your business. Haas (Hardware-as-a-service) provides the hardware and IT support you need at an affordable price.


HaaS Plans Include:
Increased productivity through better technology.
Ongoing management & upgrades, as well as tech support.
Access to hardware with any application & operating system.
  • Scalability as your business grows or needs change.
Fixed monthly bills, with no capital investment needed.



Key Benefits of HaaS


High quality computer hardware is highly important in todays rapidly moving business environment. Often times the resources required to buy, configure and support that equipment is often too much for most SMBs. We offer this cost effective solution not only to free up capital, but to put you ahead of your competitors.


We help eliminate the stress and distractions of dealing with your computer hardware so you don't have to. This allows you to focus your efforts elsewhere, like on growing your business and getting new clients or sales.  Not to mention that both employees and customers alike, with be satisfied with quick service due to the latest technology and resources.


Call Computer Crews today to learn how HaaS can help benefit your business.