About Computer Crews


Computer Crews was incorporated as Electronique Service and Consulting Inc. (ES&C) in the state of Colorado on January 22,1999. We adopted the name Computer Crews in May 2008. We are a small, fast growing computer maintenance, repair, and consulting company, providing service to small and medium sized businesses.

Our current clients include businesses from all over Colorado, California, Missouri, Arizona, Wyoming and so on, ranging in size from one person organizations to corporations with over 600 employees, in a wide variety of industries. Our ability to adapt to changing markets in the computer service industry and the ever changing needs of our clients, has resulted in our ability to stay in business and maintain profitability through the tough times in our industry experienced post 9/11.


We have been able to achieve amazing client retention through dedication to providing the best service possible and aligning our services with our clients needs and goals. We hope that we can earn your business by demonstrating the value of the services we provide.


Mission Statement

Computer Crews exists to provide the best IT Support available through the construction of long term mutally beneficial relationships with small and medium sized businesses. All ES&C staff members vow to uphold the following commitments to our clients and our company:


Actively increase knowledge and understanding.
Help conciously improve the working enviroment.
Take any ethical steps necessary to fulfill needs in a timely manner.
Ensure all activities are conducted in the best interest of all parties.


History of Computer Crews

January 1999 - Incorporated as Electronique Service and Consulting Inc.(ES&C) in Colorado.

1999 through 2002 - Primarily served the computer repair and maintenance needs of students and residents in the Boulder area. Through an agreement with the University of Colorado CU Bookstore, we were able to attain a large market share of the computer service market for students, faculty and staff on the CU campus. As computer operating systems evolved to more user friendly versions and the computer knowledge of incoming students grew, the growth of this market began to flatten and eventually decline.

August 2001 - As the student and residential market began to decline ES&C looked to other markets, by providing service to our first business customer in August of 2001.

July 2002 through 2007 - ES&C had found its niche in the computer service industry, which shows no signs of fading. ES&C progressed from providing service to individuals to exclusively providing service to small and medium sized businesses. As our client base has rapidly grown, ES&C has gradually increased the breadth of the services we provide as well as fine tuning all the original services. We started offering Managed Services to clients in July 2002 although at the time the name Managed Services did not exist. With each day that passes, we become better at what we do, increasing the benefit each of our clients realize.

2008 - Beginning in 2008 ES&C changed it's name to Computer Crews. With the new name came new service offerings, increased staff, improved tools to help service clients even faster. We have also expanded our Managed Service offerings to include an exciting new ALL-INCLUSIVE plan. ALL-INCLUSIVE managed services are the wave of the future for computer service, it creates great benefit to the client and Computer Crews by reducing costs for both. 2008 is turning out to be a great year for Computer Crews and we sincerely hope it is for you too.